Vitamins Table
Vitamin A

Retinols: Fortified milk and dairy products, liver, salmon, fish, egg yolks.

Beta carotene: Orange and yellow fruits and vegetables. Carrots, squash, cantaloupes, leafy green vegetables.

Prevents night blindness, needed for growth and cell development Night blindness, dry skin and eyes, increased susceptibility to infection
Vitamin D Fortified milk and butter, egg yolks, fatty fish, fish-liver oils Helps build and maintain strong bones and teeth Weak bones, leading to rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults
Vitamin E

Nuts and seeds, fortified cereals, eggs, vegetable oils, margarine and mayonnaise

Maintains muscles and red blood cells  
Vitamin K Spinach, cabbage, green leafy vegetables, liver and green tea Essential for proper blood clotting Excessive bleeding, easy bruising
Biotin Soyabeans, cereals, egg yolks and yeast Energy metabolism Scaly skin, hair loss, depression, elevated blood cholesterol levels
Folate Avocados, legumes, raw vegetables, liver, yeast, broccoli and cruciferous vegetables Needed to make DNA, RNA and red blood cells. Abnormal red blood cells and impaired cell division, anemia, weight loss and intestinal upsets, deficiency may cause birth defects.
Niacin Milk, legumes, fortified breads and cereals, eggs, lean meats, poultry and seafood. Needed to metabolize energy Diarrhea and mouth sores
Pantothenic acid All foods Normalizing blood sugar levels  
Riboflavin Fortified cereals and grains, lean meat and poultry, milk and other dairy products, raw mushrooms. Essential for energy metabolism Vision problems and light sensitivity, mouth and nose sores, swallowing problems
Thiamine Nuts and seeds, fortified cereals and grains. Helps maintain normal digestion, appetite and proper nerve function. Depression and mood swings, loss of appetite and nausea, muscle cramps
Vitamin B6 Grains and cereals, green leafy vegetables, potatoes and soybeans, meat and fish. Proper nerve function, synthesis of red blood cells, promotes protein metabolism Depression and confusion, itchy, scaling skin
Vitamin B12 All animal products Needed to make red blood cells, DNA, RNA and myelin. Nerve problems and weakness
Vitamin C Citrus fruits and juices, melons, berries, peppers, broccoli, potatoes Strengthens blood vessel walls, promotes wound healing Loose teeth, bleeding gums, dry skin, poor healing