SMS 7:

" Jamakay Nimmakay
beerakay dosakay anapakay
bendakay vankay kakarakay
usirikay nee thalakay
em message pampina

SMS 8:

" 3 sentences 4 getting success
written by William Shakespeare....
1) Know more than others
2) Work more than others
3) Expect less than others."

SMS 9:

" A small story
Pilli, Chiluka, Bathu, Kothi.
Ee naluguru friends.
Pilli 10th chaduvuthundi
Chiluka B.A. chaduvuthundi
Bathu 9th chaduvuthundi
Kothi sms chaduvuthundi
smile plz."

SMS 10:

" Not Every Bird can Dance,
but Peacock did it.
Not Every Flower can represent Love,
but Rose did it.
Not Every Friend can Reach Heart,
but You did it...."

SMS 11:

" When U wake up in the morning,
U have 2 choices.
Go back to Sleep and Dream
Or Wake up and Chase those Dreams.
Choice is yours...."

SMS 12:

" Men Fall in Love that's Natural,
Cow eat's Grass it's OK....
But a Monkey pressing this mobile keys
Unbelievable Kada!"