SMS 1:

" Night padukune tappudu
Domalu karavakunda

Domalu padukunnaka
paduko..What an idea sir ji."

SMS 2:

" If you stand for
a reason be prepared
to stand alone like a tree.
If you fall on the ground.
fall as a seed that grows
back to fight again."

SMS 3:

" Why a lecturer is
greater than a mother?
Bcoz a mother can
put only 1 child to sleep
but a lecturer can
put the whole class into sleep.
Great na..."

SMS 4:

" Teacher: repu meeku suryudi meeda
lesson cheptanu so andaru
tappakunda ravali sarena.
Balayya: sorry teacher ma amma
antha dooram nannu

SMS 5:

" Simplycity is ultimate beauty,
Forgiveness is ultimate strength,
Politeness is ultimate argument,
Friendship is ultimate Relationship."

SMS 6:

" 7 looks = 1 smile
7 smiles = 1 meet
7 meets = 1 proposal
7 proposals = 1 marriage
1 marriage = 7777 problems
so boys/girls looks only books
no side looks."